Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Pregnant sex experience

Charles met her in the supermarket near their home. They lived on the same staircase. She was twenty-six years, called Kristina. She was not married, but on the seventh month of pregnancy. Well, it is true. Well, girl before sex, there is nothing to be done. She wanted to have a pregnant sex at that time already. He offered to bring her a bag of food, which she bought. Looking at her stomach, all would be well received. They were fun and chatter about all nonsense. By the way Charles was telling jokes Kristina. Approaching the apartment door, she thanked the guy and invited him to come and drink tea. He agreed, it is still at home nothing to do. They drank tea and talked about everything, including pregnancy Kristina. It has changed and is now sitting alone in terry robes. He wanted to have a pregnant sex with a pregnant woman. The conversation was quite candid. When Charles finished tea, the hostess got up and went for a kettle. When she returned, the guy passes by, patted h im on the hair. Charles liked this trick. After a few sentences, he suddenly asked directly: - And how do you go without sex? To you, I noticed, now, no one walks. - Well, hardly - embarrassed, replied Kristina. - Different ways to have - and she looked at his palm. - Is it possible to see you naked? Have you ever had a pregnant sex? - Why has it not stopped, and he himself did not understand what was said. Kristina is also a little embarrassed, but it is not aware, was apart robe floors, exposed stomach and chest. Charles with unconcealed interest considered a huge belly and big breasts souse huge, brown nipple. His hand drawn to them involuntarily. When the finger touched the nipple, Kristina trembled, she ran over the body wave delight. The boy noticed that the owner liked the touch, the finger began to fondle nipple, watching as feeling good Kristina. She really wanted to try a pregnant sex. She closed her eyes, bite lip. Charles put aside robe anymore. - On-on! Are you even in this position sexual wear panties? - Do you like the! m? - It is - the guy running the palm of panties. - Come into the bedroom - the hostess took him by the hand. They went into the bedroom. Kristina took off the clothes and removed the panties. She lay down on his back and is widely put aside her legs, allowing Charles to consider his puss. She though that it would be pleasant to have a pregnant sex. From the type of all, the guy was surprised and, removing his clothes, watched her between the legs. He had never seen such a smooth, hairless signature, in addition to another with such a huge belly. He had longed to snuggle this button and leaning and engulfed hip Kristina hands, made of pussy lips. He began gently lick sex big and small sponges, it is particularly tender clitoris sucking, inhaling her scent provided. He palms fondle thighs. Pregnant, squeezing head guy legs, squeezing their breasts and nipples twisted while having a pregnant sex. She really has lost his head; it was completely forgotten feelings and spitting for shamel essness, waved tongue and nose, Charles working in her vagina. She several times convulsively yanked when the orgasm overtook her. Charles licked allocate up. - You charm - she sent him a kiss Kristina. - You like it? It's great. He reached down and kissed her pubis. He was so pleased with the smoothness of the skin that he had to lick her tongue. He liked the experience of having a pregnant sex. He licked her pubis, then the entire abdomen. Every centimeter huge belly licked it very carefully. - It seems that you where someone is beating, - he said this, he attached a stomach ear. Kristina laid his head on his hand. Feeling like someone is pushed, the guy smiled. - It seems we awoke - and kissed navel. - Now we have a toy. Charles stood up, has raised a dick of the hand, and laid his head on pussy Kristina. It is about her pregnant sex sponge lightly beat on her clitoris, and then slowly plunged into her vagina. He introduced a neighbor just the head, and felt, as she affec tionately squeezed of their muscles. Guy, a dick of swinging! from si de to side, was in such a way to bring a hostess, which is it a bit butt crawl. Charles was a very shallow fucks her, moving with amplitude of less than one centimeter. Then he lifted his leg Kristina, which formed next to it is not a bed and put his hand on her stomach, and began lying on its side and trifle large teat language, again became her fucking, shallow movements. She liked having a pregnant sex with her neighbor. The fruit moves into the stomach. - It seems that he found the toy. - What are you soft! - Do not you hurt? - No, the continued, if not, try to insert in my pussy small vibrator, which take in the bedside table, and a dick enter me in the most popular on the eggs and fuck me. Charles came out of the Kristina. He pulled out a small night tables vibrator, 18 centimeters in length and 5 in thickness, turned its back part while having a pregnant sex, and feeling as he began to tremble, to insert pussy neighbor, increase by 6 centimeters. Kristina closed with d elight the eye. Charles, looking like shivers vibrator, caressed a little hand to her clitoris, then take up the vibrator and began moving them hither and thither. - Oh! - Escaped from the hostess. And Charles has continued, he bent down and took the vibrator teeth, began to move his head hither and thither, his trachea dick. Tremors unpleasant commented in the teeth, so he put vibrator, leaving his protruding between the labia minor, and haughtily, testified gesture, turned over to Kristina that she did, becoming the «cancer». He liked everything about pregnant sex. The guy has been behind a couple of times and licked hole her attempts, fruity and then spat at her and smeared saliva. He stood over the neighbor. Bending his knees and his hand guiding dick was to introduce him to the hostess ass, which quietly moans of pleasure. Charles slowly entered his dignity to the whole length, strongly pushing and eggs on the buttocks Kristina. Do not move as he stroked his hands back, shoulders, ass girls. He made several movements up an! d down h er trachea. Turning, he suddenly felt like a dick of someone inside the Kristina pushes while making a pregnant sex. He also felt the tremor vibrator located in the vagina and rests against his penis. He stood a little, enjoying the sensations. - Let me pumps you - proposed Kristina. - Perhaps it would be correct. I do not want to push the child. He stood on his knees in front of a neighbor, and one dick took his hand, introduced himself in the mouth. It was the suck and licks him, but the guy fondles her popular, back and shoulders. Suck a couple of minutes, Kristina said that she was so difficult to stand. - Turn. Let’s have a real pregnant sex - Charles suggested.

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